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How to Grow Your Own Produce in a Small Garden

Growing your own veggies can be an economic and health benefit to those who successfully produce a crop. You do not need to have a big garden or area to grow a bunch of tasty and nutritious vegetables. Veggies, as we all know, are relatively expensive to purchase from greengrocers and supermarkets. Many of the poor health outcomes that we experience in a wealthy nation like Australia are due to a lack of effective education around the importance and practical application of nutrition for all human beings. Fast foods are cheaper to buy, but deliver high fat and sodium to the diets of our population.

How to Grow Your Own Produce in a Small Garden

First up, allocate a plot for your veggie patch within your garden or on your property. Prepare the soil with compost or some other natural manure fertiliser. You can, also, create a no-dig garden, if you live in the city and do not have access to a garden bed. Create a raised garden bed on newspaper, hay, fertiliser and compost or in a planter box on a balcony. A good soil basis will provide the foundation for a great vegetable crop.

Choosing vegetables which will flourish in your set up, is the smart way to grow veggies in small gardens. Plants that are high yielding and produce multiple crops will offer you better results too. Beans, silver beet, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs are all examples of plants that provide good bang for your buck, in terms of energy invested and crops produced. Fresh herbs for the kitchen will lift any meal that you and your partner prepare.

Plant veggies that you like to eat and that your family enjoy eating. There is nothing more dispiriting than wasting beautiful vegetables on the vine or in your crisper or cupboard. Your veggies will taste better than store bought vegetables, because they are fresher, and because you grew them!

Back pain management can be an issue if you do not prepare yourself for the gardening experience. Don’t go in cold and start digging and hefting bags of compost about, take things slowly. Let someone else prepare lunch, if you have done all the farming and cultivating of your crop. Growing your own produce is a wonderfully satisfying activity; it can help with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Digging in the soil is a grounding experience!